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Minchinbury Fruit Market, located on the Great Western Highway, is a fabulous place to shop for an impressive range if quality fresh fruit and vegetables plus so much more including a plethora of delicious imported delicatessen lines, dairy and cheese products and comprehensive range of gourmet groceries. Owned by the Gauci family who originally started as market gardeners and now operated by Susanne, Craig, Victor and Kylie who are third generation Gauci family operators, Minchinbury Fruit Market has grown into one of the largest fruit and vegetable retailers in Sydney.

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We are working closely with Minchinbury Fruit Market to bring some special Jets only deals. we will share the deals with you as soon as we get more information.

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With your help, we can continue to allow the best opportunity for the players of the jets to improve on their soccer skills. Buying new equipment and providing up to date equipment will only help in the growth of the players and club.

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