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BDSFA Board Statement

The BDSFA Board met on Monday night to discuss the state of play in the Blacktown LGA and Greater Sydney. The Board took into consideration information received at a Video Conference held by Football NSW last week and the daily NSW Government announcements, which includes the strict stay at home orders within our own Association and a lockdown across Greater Sydney until Saturday, 28 August.

Since the initial stay at home orders were implemented the BDSFA Board has been transparent with all Members through the Plan of Management and the cut off dates to allow our Competitions to be completed were set at 27-29 August. These dates were based on leases held by Clubs with Blacktown City Council.

The Board discussed the options available to allow the BDSFA to complete our Competitions. At the video conference conducted by Football NSW a date with respect to the resumption of Community Sport was not clear. It was discussed that similar to when Greater Sydney came out of lockdown in 2020 there would first be a period of Return to Training before a Return to Play would be allowed.

Based on 2020, the Return to Training was allowed in stages, for the first three weeks only 10 persons could train in a group and then for a fortnight small groups of no more than 20 were only allowed to undertake non-contact skill training drills, before full contact training and then a Return to Play was permitted.

Based on the current lockdown finishing on Saturday, 28 August, and in light of the precedent in 2020, it is likely that a Return to Play would be permitted on or around Saturday, 9 October. This date falls outside of the Winter Season and meant that the BDSFA Board had to consider other options.

Based on the probable Return to Play date, the options considered were determined not to be in the best interest of our Clubs, Volunteers, the Players and Referees and a decision has been made to abandon the 2021 Winter Season.

As there were only a maximum of 10 to 12 rounds conducted across all Competitions, there will be no winners of any competition declared.

With respect to Competitions (U12 and above), the table as at the last matches played in those Competitions will be a reflection of the 2021 Winter Season.

For those players wanting to get back on the park, Summer Competitions will commence around the Blacktown District as soon as a Return to Play is permitted. These Competitions will be advertised in the near future.

The Presentation Dinner which was to be conducted on Friday, 29 October will be cancelled, however the BDSFA Board will still honour the Club Volunteer Award Winners at the BDSFA Annual General Meeting.

The BDSFA will consider Festival of Football options for MiniRoos players leading into or during the 2022 season and will lobby with Football NSW and the NSW Government for Senior Players to receive a NSW Government Active Voucher for the 2022 season.

The BDSFA Board hopes that all Members stay safe and well and continue to adhere to the NSW Government Health Orders. We look forward to working with all of our Members leading into the 2022 season and welcoming them back on the Park.

Wednesday, 4 August 202

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