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President Update - 16th of November 2020

Hi Minchinbury Jets Soccer Club Members.

We hope that you are all keeping well. We have an update on our junior presentation and our AGM.

Unfortunately, the jackets that have been ordered have been delayed in shipping and will not arrive for a couple more weeks. As such, the committee has made the decision to postpone the Junior Presentation and the clubs’ Annual General Meeting until Sunday 13th December.

We appreciate that many of you were looking forward to the junior presentation, but we believe that it is only fair that players receive all of their end of season gifts from the club in one hit wherever possible rather than having to come back a second time for the jackets.

To the senior teams that have organised their own end of season get-togethers, we will still have your trophies and the teams’ $500 Visa card ready to go for you by Friday 20th November. Senior team managers will be advised when their teams’ jackets have arrived, and arrangements can then be made for the team manager to collect them.

Details on all of this are in the following newsletter. Thank you for your patience. We look forward to seeing you at presentation and the AGM

Yours in soccer – Stephen Bradbury – President Minchinbury Soccer Club

Junior Presentation

Ass mentioned, the date for our Junior Presentation for our U5 to U16 age groups has been changed to Sunday 13th December at Minchinbury Reserve. The time of your teams’ schedule has not changed.

Due to COVID restrictions we will not be having rides and barbeques this year. Age groups will be allocated 45-minute time slots for their presentations. We will assemble the age groups in a waiting area, bring them into the presentation area for presentation, hand over the trophies and other goodies and then players will be asked to disperse before then next group comes in. Whilst it is not as sociable as previous years, we believe that the kids will still enjoy the presentation (and the parents will not have to hang around for too long).

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

As the Junior presentation and AGM are usually held on the same day, we have decided to move the AGM as well. Our Club AGM will be nowbe held on Sunday 13th December at Minchinbury Reserve, starting at 9:00am (just before our Junior Presentation).

As with all clubs, all committee positions are declared vacant and elections will take place for all committee positions. Nominations for committee positions must be received by our club secretary no later than 7 days before the AGM. Our club needs people to step up and help to run the club. The more people involved in the committee, the more we can share the workload! We ask that you please strongly consider joining the committee in 2021.

A nomination form is available on our club website or one can be emailed to you on request by emailing our club president at

Senior Presentation

Due to COVID restrictions we will be unable to hold a senior presentation evening this year. Our senior teams (Youth - Over 35’s) will all receive a $500 pre-paid card (1 per team) so that the teams can organise their own get together to celebrate the season. Team awards and the $500 Visa card will be available by Friday 20th November and will be given to team managers to distribute to their teams. We will notify the team managers when the jackets have arrived.

2021 Season Registrations

2021 season registrations begin online on 5th January 2021 through the FFA registration portal Details on fees andlinks to the registration system will be on our club website and Facebook page from Mid December 2020, which is only 2 months away!

We encourage everyone to register early to avoid the disappointment of missing out due to age groups filling up.

Club Newsletter

This is our final newsletter for the year. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the newsletter and thank you to everyone who has helped-out at the club this year. We appreciate your help andinvolvement. It’s you people that help make the club what it is today!

Stay safe!


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