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Round 1 Newsletter - 28th June 2020

After a long wait and delays caused by the COVID-19 shutdown, we are finally getting back to playing soccer.

Thank you to everyone for their patience over the last few months, we hope that you stay healthy and enjoy your time back out on the fields this season. This newsletter will cover off on the season start and some of the conditions upon which our return to play is based.

Good luck to all our teams as they finally begin the 2020 season. Have fun and enjoy your soccer!

Yours in soccer

The Minchinbury Jets Soccer Club Committee

The 2020 Season

Our season is set to commence next weekend with the Over 35's kicking of on Friday night 3rd July, our MiniRoos and Saturday teams on Saturday 4th July and our All Age Men, All Age Ladies and Girls teams playing on Sunday 5th July

The season is scheduled to be 14 rounds starting next weekend and going through to the first weekend of October. Any rained off matches will be subject to rulings by Blacktown Soccer Association as to whether they are played or not. For comp teams, semi-finals are scheduled for the weekend of 9-11 October and grand finals scheduled for the weekend of 16-18 October.

The draw for the season is now up on the BDSFA website (www.bdsfa .com) or can be accessed through our club's websitewww.minchinburyjets.comand clicking on the fixtures tab at the top right of our home page.

You may notice that this year's draw is a little different to previous draws. Due to COVID-19 guidelines and the need to space out games and keep crowds at manageable levels, we will not be playing a "normal" home and away season. Whilst some teams may have a "normal" home and away season, others may find that they are playing games at neutral grounds or at the other team's ground twice in a season. Due to this you will find that there are some days during the season where there are no games at Minchinbury.

Whilst we appreciate that all of you prefer to play as many games as possible at "home", please be aware that these changes have been put in place for the health and well-being of everyone.

As there may be changes to the draw over the coming weeks, we advise everyone to please not print out copies of the season draw. Please check the draw for your team on Monday or Tuesday of each week and then check again on Thursday to ensure that there are no changes to you game details.

Return to Play Guidelines

The main thing to keep in mind during this season, both for training and playing, is that if you are feeling unwell or been exposed to someone who potentially has the COVID-19 virus please advise your coach or manager and stay at home!

Whilst we are all obviously happy to be back playing it is important that we all remember that we still need to be careful and that there are still some restrictions and guidelines that we must adhere to so that we remain well during the ongoing COVID-19 health situation.

You will notice some changes implemented at the grounds to help with social distancing and hygiene. Many of these are like those that are in place are currently experiencing at training. All of the changes are in place to help players, officials, supporters and their families have a reduced risk of exposure to COVID-19 and we ask that everyone please cooperate with the ground staff at every field, particularly if you are asked to maintain social distancing.

All clubs will be involved in a meeting with Blacktown Soccer Association on Monday 29th June to finalise our return to play policies. Online meetings have been organised for our coaches and managers on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week to update them on the final policies that we will have applied to us to play. A copy of the guidelines will be posted on our website. We will email you once this has been finalised and posted.

In the meantime, here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When can we resume normal training and play games?

A: Normal contact training and playing will be allowed to happen from Wednesday 1st July. Other COVID-19 restrictions on social distancing at training will remain in place until further notice. Players will be asked to avoid unnecessary contact (e.g. handshakes and goal celebrations) wherever possible when playing.

Guidelines as to when teams are to turn up before games will be confirmed on Monday and your team officials will be advised. All teams will be asked to leave their field and technical area as soon as their match has finished and to leave the ground as soon as possible after the game. Due to social distancing requirements, change rooms will not be open this season so please arrive at your game dressed in your playing strip, ready to play.

Q: Will there be restrictions on crowds at training and matches?

A: The current restrictions that the club has in place for training will apply until further notice. With regards to game days, the number of spectators will not be limited as such, but social distancing measures will be in place. All people will be asked to keep at least 1.5 metres apart and adhere to the health authorities' COVID-19 guidelines. Large crowds may be asked to disperse if social distancing cannot be maintained.

Q: What hygiene protocols will be in place?

A: We will be applying all hygiene protocols recommended by NSW Health, Football NSW, and Blacktown Soccer Association. Hand sanitiser and soap will be available in all bathrooms and hand sanitiser available for all. Seating for interchange players will be spaced 1.5 metres apart. All players are reminded that there is to be no spitting or washing out of mouths at the ground. Further details on hygiene protocols will be published on our website

If you have any concerns or queries regarding the "Return to Play" protocols, please contact your team officials. If you need further information, please feel free to contact our club president, Stephen Bradbury on 0419 170 717 to discuss you concerns.

Rule Changes for 2020

There have been several rule changes implemented this season. Your coach and manager have been advised. If you would like to read a summary of these changes they are available on the BDSFA website from the following link

Uniform, Playing Strip & Club Gear

If you require shorts, socks or other club gear we have an online ordering system on our club website Just log onto our home page and scroll down to the green "Shop Now" box. This will take you to our online shop where you can order and pay for your gear and have it ready for collection at your next training session. Whilst this is the contactless method of ordering gear is preferred, our uniform shop will be open during canteen hours if required.

MiniRoo Referees Required & Referee Course Details

Blacktown Association has now changed the way in which MiniRoo referees are appointed, with clubs now responsible for appointing their own referees for MiniRoos games (U5-U11). Unfortunately, the shutdown affected the pre-season MiniRoo referee courses and we are now short on MiniRoo referees.

Blacktown Association will be holding MiniRoo referee (Game Leader) courses during the July school holidays. The course only takes a few hours and help to qualify you as a MiniRoo referee and give you priority when we are appointing refs to games.

It is a great way to get into refereeing and to earn some cash. If any of our teenage or adult players, parents or siblings of players are interested, please email our club president atsteveandkerrib@bigpond.comand we will pass your details on to BDSFA.

Are Your Contact Details Up to Date?

All our team coaches and managers have player lists with contact details - phone and email address. This information is drawn from your player registration records. We know that mobile numbers and email addresses can change from time to time. We ask that if you do change any of your details (including your address details) that you advise your team manager so that they can update their contact list and then advise the club so that we can update your records.

Do You Know Your Team, Coach and Manager?

In a club with around 360 players it is difficult for our committee to be able to manage every player on an individual basis. Whilst we will make every effort to help our members, the committee is often busy on weekends and training nights organising games and other club activities. Some committee members also have kids who play or are involved in coaching and managing teams. By now, all players of all teams should be aware of their team and have contact details of both the team coach and manager. If you do not have their contact details, please ask them, we are sure that they will be happy to provide them to you.

All teams now have assigned training times and areas in which to train. These will generally remain the same throughout the season. There should be no players looking for their teams on their training nights.

Club Website

Our club website address . If you have any suggestions for the website or our Facebook page, please send an email to the club through the email contact address on our website and the committee will consider your suggestion. The website contains links to the Blacktown Soccer Association website and contains all that you need to keep up with the latest in our club.

Wet Weather Information

In the event of wet weather, we will contact your team coach and manager as soon as we are made aware of ground closures. Our club website also has information on ground closure. Alternatively, you can call the Blacktown Council wet weather line on 9839 6575 or check out the Blacktown Council website Players are asked to contact their team officials if they are unsure of ground closures. Please do not assume that matches or training are cancelled just because it is raining.

Club Newsletter

If you have changed or updated your email address please email your new email details to Stephen Bradbury atsteveandkerrib@bigpond.comand we will update your details to ensure that you receive the weekly newsletter and stay up to date with what is happening in the club. Please be assured that your email address will not be published or given to any other party.

That's all for now. Please feel free to offer any contributions to the next issue of our newsletter. Any contributions can be emailed to Stephen Bradbury at

Good luck this season


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