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Round 12 Newsletter - 30/6/2022

It’s round 12 this weekend and with the Kebab Day and junior team photo day happening on Saturday it will be a busy one at Minchinbury Reserve.

There is some rain forecast for the weekend, but we expect to be able to continue with planned events. We will contact your team managers if anything is affected by wet weather.

Good luck to all our teams this weekend. Enjoy your Kebabs and Photo Day on Saturday.

Yours in soccer

The Minchinbury Jets Soccer Club Committee

Cake Stall

Many thanks to Linc, Mon and the ladies of the All Age Ladies Div. 2 White team for holding the cake stall on Saturday 18th June. The team raised $409.00 for the club and satisfied the taste buds of many on the day. It was a great effort, and it looks like many of us will now have to train a little harder to work off the extra sugar hit that we got on the day😊

The Kebab Shack – Kebabs Available on this Saturday 2nd July

One of our kind sponsors – The Kebab Shack – will be at the ground this Saturday 2nd July – making delicious Kebabs for our photo day. Kebabs will be available from 10:00am to 1:30pm or until they run out.

Those of you who have experienced one of our previous Kebab Days know how delicious these kebabs are.

The Kebabs will be either Chicken or Beef and come standard with Lettuce, Tomato, Onion and your choice of BBQ, Tomato or Chilli Sauce.

If you want to add a bit extra to your Kebab, they also have Tabouli, Humus, Cheese and Garlic Sauce.

The price will be $10 for a Kebab or $12 for a Kebab and a can of soft drink or bottle of water.

We will also have our normal canteen and BBQ items available from the club canteen as well on the day.

Team Photo Day for Junior Teams this Saturday 2nd July

Our club has organised to hold the Team Photo Day for our Saturday teams on Saturday 2nd July. Your team manager has received the order forms to distribute to players. Order forms and full payment are to be given to your team manager on the day when the photos are being taken. They will then place them in the envelope provided for their team.

Players are asked to please bring the correct money with them on the day as our canteen only has a limited amount of change

Teams are asked to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their scheduled time.

Due to some changes to some teams’ kick off times, the original photo schedule has been revised. The teams that were affected have been advised

The latest times for Saturday team photo are:


Photo Time

6 Dev 5 - 8:00

9 Dev 3 - 8:15

15 Div 2 - 8:30

6 Dev 6 - 8:45

10 Dev 3 - 9:00

7 Dev 7 - 9:15

7 Dev 9 - 9:30

7 Dev 6 - 9:45

16 Div 2 - 10:00

9 Dev 4 - 10:15

12 Div 1 - 10:30

8 Dev 5 - 10:45

6 Dev 7 - 11:00

8 Dev 2 - 11:15

5 Dev 3 - 11:30

11 Dev 2 - 11:45

10 Dev 4 Red - 12:00

10 Dev 4 White - 12:45

13 Div 2 - 13:00

Club Website

Our club website address is If you have any suggestions for the website or our Facebook page, please send an email to the club through the email contact address on our website and the committee will consider your suggestion. The website contains links to the Blacktown Soccer Association website and contains all that you need to keep up with the latest in our club.

Club Newsletter

If you have changed or updated your email address, please email your new email details to Stephen Bradbury at and your details will be updated to ensure that you receive the newsletter and stay up to date with what is happening in the club. Your email address will not be published or given to any other party.

That’s all for now. Please feel free to offer any contributions to the next issue of our newsletter. Any contributions can be emailed to Stephen Bradbury at


Have a great week and enjoy your soccer with a smile on your face!


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